45 Digital Marketing Tasks to Consider Outsourcing

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So, you have an idea for a business.

Your idea leads to endless hours of research to uncover:

·         How to create a website

·         The best methods to develop your brand

·         How to gain exposure online

·         How to build a following on social media

·         How to develop an effective digital advertising strategy

·         How to monetize your online efforts

·         How to coordinate your social media

·         How to improve your SEO strategy

Among a zillion other tasks that require a great deal of time, energy and know-how.

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So, why not outsource?

As a small business owner and/or entrepreneur, devoting your valuable time and resources to such tasks – rather than focusing on your strengths – may ultimately hurt your company.

Benefits of outsourcing the services of a skilled professional include:

·         Reduced costs for labor and business operations

·         Expert knowledge in respective field

·         Efficiency

Read on for 45 digital marketing tasks to consider outsourcing for your business.

marketing business jennifer hambric

Social Media Management

1. Developing editorial calendar for content sharing

2. Updating social media platforms including Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

3. Managing your online reputation via Yelp, Google Places and Yahoo! Business Listings

4. Bookmarking blog content on social bookmarking sites

5. Building custom Facebook Business pages

6. Designing promotional assets and flyers for social profiles

7. Developing a social media marketing plan

8. Content development for blogs and websites  

9. Researching and recruiting guest bloggers

10. Monitoring competitors’ social media updates

Promotional Assistance

11. Facilitating contests and giveaways to promote business or product

12. Creating segmented email marketing newsletters and/or campaigns

13. Event listing on local and regional online event calendars

Metrics and Reporting

14. Creating and analyzing Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture reports

15. Measuring search engine optimization results

16. Conducting competitor keyword analysis

17. Reviewing social media metrics

18. Track growth, response or ROI on social media marketing campaigns

Sponsorship Opportunities

19. Creating proposals

20. Generating lead capture forms for the company website

21. Lead generation campaign facilitation  

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Video Marketing

22. Developing snackable content for social media platforms

23. Writing and editing video scripts

24. Writing keyword-driven video descriptions

25. YouTube channel management

Digital Advertising

26. Copywriting

27. Graphic design of ad units

28. Monitoring and optimizing programmatic ad campaigns

29. Affiliate marketing programs

30. Facilitating campaigns in Google AdWords

31. Creating unique audiences, campaigns and parameters for social media ad campaigns

Media Relations

32. Pitching online media outlets for placements

33. Researching influencer opportunities

34. Developing and submitting press releases

35. Researching product review opportunities

Web Management

36. Designing graphic assets  

37. Editing website page copy

38. Fixing broken links

39. Help renewing domains and hosting plans

40. Updating calendars

41. Setting up Google Alerts on key companies, people or products

SEO Strategy

42.  Developing and refining keyword lists

43. Naming images on the company website for visibility

44. Submitting articles to unique submission websites

45. Reviewing and updating website backlinks


marketing business jennifer hambric

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